We encourage older people to play an active role so they can really feel a part of our society


    After their working lives have ended, and even when they haven't had any particular professional career, the elderly have a lot of knowledge to offer and a great deal of experience to share with people who might need it.

    Realising this, at ”la Caixa” Foundation we believe in the active role that can be played by older people in our society. That's why we organise activities in which older citizens can become involved in helping others, passing on and sharing their experience or helping to integrate the most vulnerable people within society.


    Through training, so that people can further their interest in volunteer work, supporting them so they can carry out this active role, contributing their time and energy to support and act as a model for other members of society, fostering social engagement and a feeling of participation among older people by helping to improve society.

    Contributing towards the common good and involving older people in achieving shared goals are key to achieving well-being, both personal and collective. This is the aim of the following projects:

    • Local actions: volunteer projects in collaboration with organisations and agents in the area, channelled via the centres for the elderly as a place to meet up, relate to other people and get involved.

    • Open classrooms: training areas promoted by older people themselves for the elderly on subjects of interest to them.

    • Basic training for volunteers: improving the skills required for volunteering, such as teamwork, resolving conflict, group dynamics…