An oasis of fun for hospitalised children

There's only room for happiness and fun at the Hospital CiberCaixas.


    • We try to reduce the effects of the time children spend in hospital - on the children and also on their relatives.

    • We offer children a a place to  have fun, communicate and learn, designed specifically for them and located within the hospital.

    • We encourage relations and meetings between the children and their families in a relaxed atmosphere.


    The Hospital CiberCaixas are areas located inside hospitals for children to relate to each other and with their families in an environment of fun and communication.


    This programme forms part of the initiatives we carry out in collaboration with the Health Ministries of the different autonomous communities. 

    At the Hospital CiberCaixas children and their families can find:

    • A specific place where children can connect to the internet and have fun with interactive educational programs and games.  Children who can't go to the CiberCaixa have laptops they can use in their rooms.

    • An area dedicated to reading and audiovisuals, with books, videos and DVDs for children and their relatives.

    • Specific activities for leisure and training which children can carry out alone or with the participation of an adult. That's how we help them to forget, if only for a few moments, the emotional tension of living in a hospital.

  • Entertaining places for hospitalised children

  • 34 cibercaixas in 2021

  • Resources to have fun and play