Supporting sick people and their families

We offer psychological, social and spiritual support that complements healthcare to achieve comprehensive care.

Psychological and social care

Together with the healthcare teams, we've created and implemented a model of psychosocial support whose aim is to improve the palliative care provided to the critically ill and help patients and their families to tackle the illness.



We include spiritual aspects that help patients and their families face the end of life serenely, with the utmost respect for each person's beliefs and convictions.



We offer assistance for all those affected by the loss of a loved one, whenever they need or request such help.


Support for professionals

We provide support for healthcare workers in areas such as communication in difficult situations and stress management.



Participation of volunteers and their integration within teams is a basic principle of our approach to providing palliative care.

Volunteers add human values and complement end of life support, providing a response to the personal and social needs of the patient and their family.


End of Life and Loneliness

The aim of the End of Life and Loneliness project is to alleviate the suffering that can be experienced by the terminally ill due to loneliness, eased by the companionship of volunteers.


EspaiCaixa ”la Caixa” Foundation

These are places designed especially for hospitalised patients and their families to rest, relax and enjoy some privacy in a calm, welcoming setting, like in their own home. 


These places are a powerful means of improving the quality of life of sick people and their relatives. Activities can also be carried out here that improve communication, relaxation, creativity, memory and meditation.


There are currently 5 EspaiCaixa ”la Caixa” Foundation Comprehensive Care  centres located in hospitals:

  • Consorci Sanitari del Garraf (Sant Pere de Ribes).

  • Hospital San Juan de Dios (Santurtzi).

  • Fundación Instituto San José (Madrid).

  • Complejo Asistencial San Camilo (Madrid).

  • Hospital Universitario Los Montalvos (Salamanca).