An injection of life for them, an injection of solidarity for your company

With the support of the sponsors, the Business Alliance and Gavi reduce infant mortality and help to develop the most disadvantaged countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility has a positive impact on the company: it boosts competitiveness, projects an image of concern for social problems and represents a source of personal satisfaction

There are many reasons to invest in corporate social responsibility with the Business Alliance and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance:



More than 700 million children have been immunised since Gavi the Vaccine was founded and almost 4,500,000 children vaccinated thanks to contributions from Companies, Clients and Employees of "la Caixa" and "la Caixa" Foundation donations.  



The Aid Transparency Index (ATI) 2014 has positioned Gavi as a leading organisation in transparency of management and reporting of results. It ranks fourth out of 68 aid organisations.


Tax advantages

Companies joining the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination benefit from a rebate on their Corporate Tax of 35% of the amount donated (art. 20, Act 49/2002). ISGlobal sends every company the corresponding tax certificate for its donation.



Companies that form part of the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination receive a Welcome Pack made up of two types of communication material: materials certifying their participation and materials to raise awareness of the initiative.



Every 60 seconds 3 children die because they don't have access to vaccines. Join an Alliance that saves lives!