#ISing is a new participative project that has brought together more than 640 people
performing the song Viva la Vida by Coldplay from their home

The project call was open from May 4 to 13 and a total of 645 people with ages between 14 and 82 sent their recordings to participate in this choral experience.

During the 10 days call, video tutorials were published on the website to give the participants technical instructions on how to record themselves and to give them the necessary materials to learn both the musical and movement part.

With the audio and video recordings sent by all of the participants, a participative choral video of the iconic Coldplay theme has been created. On this video is where they all get together for the first time and discover the result of their work.

The main challenge of the initiative has been to unify the voices and movements of such a large number of people so that they sound like a choir and so that there is a coherent and dynamic aesthetic. All this has been possible thanks to the artistic direction of Daniel Anglès, the musical direction of Gerard Ibáñez, the meticulous work done by the music producer, Oriol Padrós, and the attractive and dynamic video editing by the audiovisual creative, Merlí Borrell.

After a long tradition of more than 25 years organizing participatory musical activities, this project represents the first time that they go digital.