The opportunity you are looking for

Apply for an INPhINIT doctoral scholarship.


    The fellowship amount covers the fellow's costs according to the following breakdown:

    • Labour costs: €35,800 per year which the host institution will spend on the hiring of the fellow in accordance with the labour legislation in force in Spain or Portugal.

    • Research costs: €3,500 per year for expenses directly related to the development of the project, including conference registrations, courses, stays, consumables, equipment, intellectual property costs, etc.

    • The tuition fees to the official doctoral programme where the fellow will be admitted to.

    • Bonus of €7,500 if the fellows deposit the thesis within 6 months after the third year of their fellowship has ended.


    Doctoral INPhINIT fellows will be assigned a thesis supervisor appointed by the host institution, who will accompany them in the development of their doctoral thesis. Fellows will submit annual progress reports, detailing their main achievements and future goals in accordance with a career development plan. In parallel, ethical issues that may arise during the development of the thesis will be reviewed annually.


    In addition to the interdisciplinary training activities offered by the host institution, the fellowship includes a comprehensive complementary training programme comprising the following blocks:

    • Training in soft skills and about the purpose of research. Sessions on scientific communication, writing and presentation of scientific papers, overview of the research system, critical thinking and cognitive flexibility, etc.

    • The PhD student, their wellbeing and effectiveness. Sessions on well-being, mental health, self-awareness, self-confidence, personal development, decision-making, productivity and time management, interdisciplinarity, open science, etc.

    • Preparing for the future. Sessions on career development, career paths in and out of academia, funding opportunities, leadership and teamwork, etc.


    Both the host institutions and the ”la Caixa” Foundation offer national and international academic and industrial secondments to enhance the future career opportunities of Doctoral INPhINIT fellows.


    All the fellows can request, if they want to, the assignment of accompanying persons during the fellowship period:

    • In a first phase, to provide support in the practical aspects related to the arrival at their destination centre.

    • In a more advanced phase, to provide guidance in their professional career.


    The fellows will have the opportunity to participate in activities organised by the ”la Caixa” Foundation aimed at disseminating their thesis projects and the results of their research to the general public.


    The fellows will be part of the ”la Caixa” Fellows, a world-renowned network of academic and professional talent.

    The fellows will be able to participate in the activities that are organized to foster the encounters and encourage exchanges between members of this group. These meetings are the best opportunity to establish contacts and create new connections with people who have been trained in all kinds of disciplines at the best universities and research centres in the world thanks to fellowships from the ”la Caixa” Foundation.