With ideas, proximity and solutions. That's how we combat poverty.

The "la Caixa" Foundation's programmes to combat poverty come together at the Fundación de la Esperanza.

A solid, determined effort as part of our commitment to improve society.

The chance for a decent future

  • Let's meet after class

We provide a place that welcomes children aged between 6 and 12 who are in situations of poverty or at risk of marginalisation.

We help children to develop their skills and give them encouragement so they are ready to contribute to their community. All via innovative activities guided by professionals after school hours.

For a family life

  • Learning together, growing as a family

This programme helps to improve the harmony, communication and welfare of the most vulnerable families in our society.

We work to encourage positive relations between the different members of a family, sharing a common space.

  • Families with families (volunteers)

Families experiencing different circumstances share their experiences. This exercise helps people to learn from others, based on mutual trust and support.

Supporting children's upbringing

  • Mother and child service

This programme improves mothers' skills to ensure their children receive the right care. That's why we offer them resources of training, support and guidance, as well as a place to share their experiences with other mothers.

We create employment opportunities

  • The "la Caixa" Incorpora programme

We work to help those people with difficulties in finding a job, via:

  1. Training to improve their employability.

  2. Employment mediation service with locally based companies.

  3. Professional guidance for business projects to enable self-employment.