Promoting educational transformation


    At EduCaixa we firmly believe that education is one of the most important driving forces for society and that, as stated by the United Nations Development Programme, "achieving inclusive and quality education for all reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development". That's why we've been focusing on this area for years, providing school management teams, teachers and students with a wide range of resources to make learning richer, more meaningful and more comprehensive.

    Based on these three key areas of action, at EduCaixa we've designed a new range of educational resources to support the transformation of education and become an active agent in this change.

    • Developing Student Competences

      Offering a great variety of educational resources and activities of proven efficiency that are aimed at supporting the development of key competences.

    • Professional Development of Management Teams and Teachers

      ​Providing and promoting the training of teachers and management teams in methodologies and content that encourage educational transformation, placing particular emphasis on leadership for the pupils' learning.

    • Generating and Transferring Evidence

      ​​​​​​Promoting assessment as a key means of identifying effective educational initiatives, tools and models and transferring the evidence from these assessments, which can be scaled up to the whole educational community to become the basis for.


    For the whole educational community: teachers, management teams, pupils aged 3 to 18, schools, parent associations, organisations and institutions.


    • Educational Programmes

      Competences can be developed by promoting knowledge, skills and attitudes. All EduCaixa's educational programmes therefore have a differential value:

      • They promote competences.

      • They support teachers via a technical office.

      • They include didactic programs with proposals for assessment.

      • They use active and participatory methodologies.

      • They encourage collaboration between teachers.

      • They've been scientifically evaluated.

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    • Training

      Teachers and school management teams lie at the heart of educational change. With the aim of empowering and supporting them, EduCaixa proposes training actions and resources, both face-to-face and digital.

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    • Evidence

      Evidence-based education is promoted and educational assessment is encouraged as a tool that provides reliable, relevant information to support informed decision-making.

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    • Activities

      EduCaixa offers a wide range of activities via the CaixaForum centres, the Science Museum CosmoCaixa and the travelling activities implemented throughout the country:

      • Exhibitions.

      • Workshops, debates and talks.

      • School concerts.

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    • Resources

      EduCaixa offers a wide range of Cosmo Caixa educational resources classified by level, competence and area of knowledge:

      • Digital resources in a range of different formats to complement the work of teachers in the classroom.

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  • More than 2 million students and teachers in 2019

  • More than 8,000 schools took part in 2019

  • A selection of more than 80 activities and almost 500 resources