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The second call for assessing educational programmes is now open!


Line of action

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The call for assessing educational programmes has been designed to help teachers and educational centres to assess their educational projects, in order to raise awareness about what works in education and share it with the rest of the educational community.

We believe in evidence as a driving force in education, and we believe in teachers and their ability to make a difference. That’s why we want to promote a culture of assessment that contributes towards identifying pedagogical projects and programmes that work and that help to make evidence-based decisions.

Here at EduCaixa, we want to support all teachers and education centres that want to assess any of the educational initiatives to go on to generate evidence that could be shared with the rest of the educational community.



    30 November 2020
    Start of the 2nd "Your Ideas Make a Difference" call.

    28 February 2021
    Deadline for submitting projects.

    From 1 to 21 March 2021
    Selection of assessment centres and groups.

    30 March 2021
    Announcement of the selected centres.

    From May to June 2021
    Training and preparation to assess projects.


    • Identifying educational projects that have promising results in developing students' skills.

    • Providing training to teachers and management teams on the process of generating evidence and on assessment and the use of evidence in an educational centre.

    • Helping in the pilot stage of educational initiatives selected to implement a process of assessment and documentation that will allow us to generate evidence.

    • Sharing the results of this good practices with educational centres across Spain.


    All educational centres in Spain, either public, private or charter schools, in the following stages of education:

    • Infant Education

    • Primary Education

    • Compulsory Secondary Education

    • Baccalaureate


    Educational centres can present projects that meet the following requirements for the call:

    • They must have already been implemented in the classroom over at least one academic year with positive results or have been designed to be developed for at least one term.

    • They must be geared towards one or several skills within the EU, Spanish or regional competency framework.

    • They must have backing from the management of the centre and have the scope to be assessed and applied in other educational centres.

Accreditation and presentation of the project

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    To present a project, the applicant institution needs to register on the new application on the Calls Portal.

    To register for the first time on the digital platform, you will need to fill out the information and upload the following documents:

    1. National ID Card (DNI) of the person in charge of the application.

    2. Accreditation form for the institution's representative (template available on the software).