Ecoinnovation Laboratory

We develop ecoinnovation to improve business competitiveness.

The Ecoinnovation Laboratory was set up with the aim of connecting companies with innovation to create sustainable solutions that make better use of resources, reduce the negative side effects of our economy on the environment and create economic benefits and competitive advantages. All this through a series of initiatives to improve the application of ecoinnovation in the market and promote a positive impact on the economy and society.

This initiative is aimed to any company, irrespective of its size or area of business, ready to approach their business from a life cycle perspective.

In this context, this initiative encompasses different action lines:

  • Case studies: these set out the experiences of companies in different sectors in applying ecoinnovation, their motivation, hurdles and benefits.

  • Seminars: aimed at sharing the generative experiences and knowledge of companies that have used ecoinnovation solutions to boost their competitiveness.

  • Workshops: opportunities for small groups to debate and work on specific issues that affect a number of companies.

  • Action plans: methodological proposals and possible lines of work for companies that wish to implement ecoinnovation strategies.

  • Informative alerts and reports on experiences, news and trends in the area of ecoinnovation.

  • Ecoinnovation reports on the latest movements explaining concepts, ideas and trends in the world of business, ecoinnovation and strategy for the corporate world.

  • Practical guides and other publications: practical documents to guide firms in adopting ecoinnovation via tools, exercises and frameworks for their work.