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At ”la Caixa” Foundation we work together with thousands of people and social organisations to help build a better and fairer society with more opportunities for everyone.

”la Caixa” Foundation focuses particularly on programmes with the greatest potential to transform society, such as those combating child poverty and social exclusion, promoting employment, and helping to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people.

The work carried out by ”la Caixa” Foundation also addresses other areas: medical research, training of excellence, culture and also education, which are fundamental to promote progress and equal opportunities. ”la Caixa” Foundation's social commitment to building a better society mainly involves the countries of Spain and Portugal.

In 2022 we will keep our budget at around €500 million in order to respond to all these needs. Learn more about our areas of action or, if you prefer to see which actions are being carried out in your particular autonomous region, use the attached map.

Quick guide 2022 (PDF, 478 KB)